"Best Steak Ever!"

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Top Notch

The food, the service, the staff, all top notch! I highly recommend Country Corner Market to anyone who hasn't yet visited… and if you’re already a customer you know what I’m talking about!

Keith BellamyCrystal Beach


Thank you very much for the goodie bag. The marinated sirloin was deliziosa. Thank again see you soon.

Franca Niagara

Highly Recommended

My mom and I were in your market today and we were very impressed with the service and your market. You come highly recommended and we now know why! I just wanted to say thank you for the baggy of goodies we received today. The steaks were delicious. I will be returning to your market again soon! Thank you once again!

Theresa Niagara

My Local Butcher

Hello, I came in yesterday for the first time, I just moved in a few doors down a few months ago, and met Chuck, EXTREMELY helpful and nice, it was such a pleasure to browse and try free samples, I enjoyed it immensely, you are now my local butcher, I won't be buying meat anywhere else, anymore. You have everything I need and more! I also told all my friends at work they have to stop by!! I love your store, and will shop there at least once a week. Thank you!

Sandy Niagara

Customer for Life

For years we would go to my Wife's Aunt and Uncle's house and have some of the most wonderful meats... NY Strip steaks 1.5 inches thick or 3.5 inch high Filet's and they were always amazing! This past Christmas we had a Beef Rib Roast with a wonderful rub on it again absolutely amazing! The last time we were in her Aunt and Uncle's Pet Value store a few miles away from your store to pick up som pet supplies we decided to stop in and see what you had. I ended up picking up some great NY Strip Steaks they were amazing! Each one was aprox 1.3 lbs of mouth watering awesomeness! I also got some of your Chicken and Blueberry breakfast sausage... Again amazing! We also got.... Well I could just keep going on and on but why! I am now a customer for life even though we live in Grand Island, NY, I WILL be coming back when ever we are in town!

Casey Grand Island, NY

There Isn't a Better Local Market

My husband and I have been customers of Country Corner Market for several years. We are from Canfield, and usually go to the Welland's Farmers Market every other week. We stop by the stand you have at the market, and on our way home we stop in at the store. Although it's a bit of a drive, we feel there isn't a better local market to go to, or a better butcher store. Recently, when you had Prime Rib Roast on sale, we purchase one for the first time at your store. The Butcher, Mike asked us what we wanted, and then went to work craving out this beautiful piece of meat. After Mike finished carving, he asked us if we would like rub on it, and we said sure. We went home and put it on the BBQ. When we sat down that night at the supper table, we all stopped eating after the first bite, savoring all the flavour. We were all impressed by the difference from a grocery store Prime Rib Roast, (like eating cardboard) compared to the delicious, tender, and juicy one from Country Corner Market. We were sooo impressed by Mike's service, that we would like to show our appreciation to him. Please find out what Mike likes to drink, and let us know, so we can bring him in a small gift.

Mike & Nancy LondonCanfield, ON

Thank You!

Just wanted to thank you for a terrific lunch with Giant FM!

Chris Giant FM - Welland, ON

Disappeared Before Our Eyes

The office staff and supervisors and managers want to give you folks and Country Corner Market a huge thanks for making our short week, and our Friday, the best. Everything was devoured so quickly that nothing even had time to hit the floor!!!! That is a feat in itself around this office. The food was awesome, and it really made our day to have it delivered here!!! I’ve had a couple of our drivers come in to say that they heard the announcement this morning as to where lunch was being delivered today, and thought that was pretty cool!

Lydia KPVS Contractors

Words Cannot Express Our Gratitude

The Fun Fair Committee wants to personally “Thank You” for your kindness, and making our night a great success! Words can not express our gratitude…. Some of the funds raised from this evening went towards purchasing 2 portable computers with projectors, to be used to enhance the educational experience for many children at GAG school. This would not have been possible if not for your generosity. Thank you for your support!

The GAG Children & Fun Fair Committee Niagara Region, ON

Hamburgers a Big Hit!

On behalf of the Niagara Environmental Corps (NEC), I would like to thank you for your continued support of “Green Day @ Niagara”. The event was extremely successful as 37 local environmental organizations were able to speak to the hundreds of people that participated The NEC was able to recruit 70 new student volunteers, and raised $3200 to be used to work on environmental projects both on and off campus. The hamburgers and sausages were a big hit, with many people commenting on how delicious and high quality the meat was in addition to inquiring where they could be purchased! Thank you again for your support of the Niagara Environmental Corps. The 3rd Annual Green Day @ Niagara was a huge success because of your generous contribution.

Sarah GladdieNiagara Environmental Corps

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