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We have dozens of sausage flavours in both pork and poultry varieties; pick some up for breakfast lunch or dinner today!

Sausage from Country Corner Market

Fresh, Homemade Sausage

Country Corner Market offers a large selection of traditional pork sausages as well as chicken and turkey sausages in a variety of different flavours.

All of our sausages are made in house with fresh ingredients, and most sausages are free of gluten & nitrites and are made with Ontario raised meat.

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Pork Sausages

Legend has it that this poor Irish boy re-invented sausage. His family, refusing to grow spuds, were kicked off the green isle and forced to cross the stormy seas.

Looking for a warmer climate and a better way of life, the men took directions from one of the women folk, and, of course, they ended up in Peterborough, Ontario.

They started as farmers, then butchers, then meat cutters, and now sausage makers.

This poor Irish boy never made sausage before Country Corner Market. Never one for shortcuts, the quality and flavours of his sausages grew. Big size, big variety and big dreams started it all.

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Sausage Varieties

We offer a broad selection of sausage for every palate!

  • Mild Italian - Salt and pepper with a light flavour of fennel 
  • Medium Italian - Just a little bit of heat 
  • Hot Italian - For spice lovers only - it's HOT! 
  • Salt & Pepper - Salt and pepper with a light flavour of sage 
  • Hungarian - Paprika and garlic - just like the old country! 
  • Sicilian - Medium heat with fresh grated Romano cheese & Niagara's finest white wine 
  • Fresh Keilbassa - Possessing a lovely garlic flavour and a Ukrainian touch 
  • Chorizo - A taste of Spain - it's got heat! Featuring vinegar and oregano 
  • Oktoberfest - Seasonal offering - perfect for a fall day! 
  • Honey ... I'm Hot! - Combination of Hot Italian & Honey Garlic 
  • Fiesta - Red & Green Peppers mixed with Taco flavour - it's spicy! 
  • Apple Cinnamon - Pasteurized Apple Cider mixed with Ontario honey & cinnamon 
  • Simply Greek - Like the salad - just no lettuce! 
  • Sundried Tomato - Hints of basil and garlic paired with sundried tomatoes 
  • Tex-Mex - This one's HOT! We like to believe it'll burn you twice 
  • Honey Garlic - Real white Ontario honey and garlic - dentists love this one! 
  • New Orleans - Cajun style sausage, heavy on the garlic 
  • Curry Sausage - Red & Green peppers, pineapple chunks and onion 
  • Tuscany - Our best seller - one bite & you'll know why! 
  • Pumpkin - Pumpkin pie in sausage form 
  • Southwestern - Chipotle peppers, a little heat & a lot of flavour 
  • Pizza - Everything except for the crust 
  • Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic - Roasted red peppers, garlic, chilies, medium Italian seasoning 
  • English Breakfast - Traditional English flavour with a touch of maple syrup! 
  • Lamb 
  • Pear & Blue Cheese Sausage 

Gluten Free, All Nitrite Free & Ontario Meat

Contains Dairy

Poultry Sausage

All of our poultry sausages contain less than 10% fat

  • Medium Italian Chicken Sausage - Salt & Pepper 
  • Chicken Honey Garlic - Real white Ontario honey & garlic 
  • Cacciatore Chicken Sausage - A taste of Italy - has the sauce without the pasta! 
  • Turkey Cranberry - Cranberries, Ontario honey and garlic 
  • Chicken Hawaiian - Red & Green peppers, local honey and pineapple 
  • Chicken with Roasted Red Peppers - A bit of lemon pepper, and, of course, roasted red peppers 

Gluten Free, All Nitrite Free & Ontario Meat

Contains Dairy

  • Morrocan - Sundried Tomatoes, leeks, rosemary, white wine & seasonings 
  • Spicy Mexican - Turkey, Adobe sauce, chipotle peppers with a hint of cilantro 
  • Buffalo Blues - Like a chicken wing on a bun 
  • Broccoli & Cheddar - Chicken, broccoli & cheddar cheese 
  • Thai-Riffic - A blend of Far East flavours 
  • Blueberry English Breakfast - Chicken, blueberries & maple syrup 

Other Offerings

Smoked Sausages

Our flavours include Jalapeno and Cheddar, Hot Kranske, Mild Kranske, and Kielbasa.

We LOVE experimenting with new flavours! Got an idea? Let the Boss know - he'll give it a try. 

We love to hear what our customers think about the Market!

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